U R Creative • Art Explorium is a working art studio, classroom and makers space where artists can gather and play in the creative process. I offer art discovery groups, homeschooling modules and classes in mosaics, jewelry making, polymer clay, mixed media and more, taught by me and by guest artists.

Art therapy and creative process coaching is also available.

beth hanna smith art therapist

Hi! I’m Beth Hanna Smith, owner of U R Creative

I have been a counselor for almost 40 years and licensed art therapist for over 20 years, as well as an artist for all my life, and I have seen how art enhances life, growth, healing and happiness.

I opened U R Creative to create a space for you to explore your playful and creative side. Lots of fun art supplies and freedom to explore create a space for unlimited creativity, learning and growth.

You do not have to identify yourself as “artistic“ to have a great time in my studio.

Visiting artists and I offer classes in mosaics, painting, mixed media, book arts, polymer clay, jewelry making, quilts and fibers, collage and much more.

We focus on exploring, creating, learning and growing through the experience of making art.

The studio is also a gathering space for artists, where ideas and techniques are exchanged. There is an incredible array of materials to use.

Please come by to see what possibilities are waiting for you.

Creative Coaching and Art Therapy

I offer art therapy and creative process coaching for those who are interested in harnessing their natural style of doing and  process for growth and healing.

Attention to your unique creative process is an important element of the experience.

Creating art requires a series of decisions, problem solving, considering alternative solutions and experimenting. This process mirrors most of the things we do in life. You will improve on all of these things through this work. 

By understanding how you do this and becoming better at it, you can apply your success to work, home, relationships, health and happiness. 

Art therapy and creative process coaching are available on an individual or group basis. If regular talk therapy has not seemed to be enough , talk with me about art therapy. 

Classes for Therapists, Coaches and Teachers

I offer classes to therapists, coaches, and teachers, as well as interested artists, to explore the power and functionality of media in art making.

The choice of media, as well as other factors, can enhance or jeopardize the therapeutic and creative experience. It is important to know the science behind art materials to use them safely and successfully. This allows you to be intentional in the use of techniques to further treatment plans and client goals.

The tools you will learn to use in working with me will exponentially increase your therapeutic effectiveness and make your experiences fun again!

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Mixed Media Classes • Charms • Copper Jewelry Making
Mixed Media Jewelry & Painting • Polymer Clay • ATCs
Altered Books • Assemblage • Collage • Fiber Art • Nature Crafts
Art Journaling • Individual & Group Sessions


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