Mixed up

This past weekend, I had to move. It was only three doors down, so, in a way, it was harder than moving across town. Moving further away would justify me renting a truck and maybe some movers. But almost next door, I felt I needed to just do it myself.

In my last blog, I touched upon how having so many “art supplies” conflicted with my desire to move around the world freely and unencumbered.

I am very interested in exploring opposites and juxtapositions. This is a big one.

Hauling all my stuff in endless trips- in a little wagon- really hit home to me how much I wish that desire was reality.

The groundskeeper hauled much of it on a lawn tractor and cart in two trips which saved me probably 8 hours of walking. I dodged most of the thunderstorms.

And my new place is full of “art supplies” piled up and impeding my ability to move about my home freely and unencumbered (let alone the world).

I get such joy going through each box though and seeing the possibilities of what I am going to make. I almost forget how tied down I feel.

I have gotten into fabric art now, to add to my mixed media array, and so I have boxes of lace, silk, linen and novel clothing that I am going to make into cool new art clothing. I curse the thrift store that sells clothing at $1 apiece but I can’t stop going there.

So I’m tied down to “art supplies”, the possibilities they hold, the excitement of creating and my dreams of leaving behind something that is meaningful and valued.

My imagination and creativity roam the earth freely and unimpeded. That may have to be enough for now.


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  1. Every time I’ve moved, I’ve gone through my stashes of creative possibility. It brings back the excitement of discovery every single time. That spark of imagination that brings visual images of color, texture, and pattern. What a gift. I hope you can store them in a way to make them visible and easy to make use of. I can’t wait to see your creations.

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