Hanging on and Letting Go

moth girl by beth smithMe to a friend who was smoking Spirit Cigarettes: “you aren’t throwing away that package they came in are you?”

Also me to a friend who is donating clothing: “can I have anything with silk, lace or linen?”

Me again: “I wish to be a person without possessions who floats freely.”

This is the anguish of a mixed media artist who has a constant flow of ideas for how to use anything she sees in a novel way in a piece of art and in life itself.

I have a studio and two-and-a-half storage units full of “art supplies”. I  find the thrill of the hunt to be more exciting than doing the art. Or perhaps it is safer.

I do art stuff every day but I can never accomplish everything that is in my head or my stash of possibilities. 

I try to narrow things down. Maybe if I just concentrate on one – or two- art forms. 

Just paint and maybe some polymer clay. 

But what about jewelry? 



All the beautiful tools and raw materials?

I was so excited when I found out I didn’t love silver clay! It is expensive and I didn’t really love it, so that is cause for celebration! I also don’t love knitting and crochet.

Why can’t I find something else I don’t love?

The curse – and the beauty- of mixed media is you get to use everything you want and love. Which means you collect everything you want and love. You see possibilities in everything!

The act of combining all of the various disparate parts into a whole is infinitely satisfying. In life parallel, it means you take all the stuff of life and make something of it. You organized all that stuff inside into something beautiful. Your life has meaning and beauty.

And then you begin again….. And again……. 

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12 Replies to “Hanging on and Letting Go”

  1. The curse of an artist is seeing beauty in absolutely everything! And the possibility of imagination and creation when looking at what others see as trash or worthless is a gift and curse.
    Great job with this.

  2. You have a similar eye to me for seeing beauty in cast offs. It would be awful if we finished and had nothing left to do. Thanks for that perspective!

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